This could be about Darth Vader... but its not

The chance is actually close to none that this could be about Vader. Instead it's about me, myself and I.

Even if I'm a Internet dinosaur (since 1994) this is actually my first serious private web page and it will grow with time (insert: yellow/black striped tape with a worker that digs). The site will become a perfect blend of my professional and private entrepreneurs. It will most probably add my CV to the site and stories about the businesses I've been running (web development, hosting solutions, digital agency, e-commerce, custom software...), the solutions and innovations I've been part of, maybe something about some of the hundreds of projects I've been part of and of course a lot about my private interests (my retro nerd-collection of computer, console, arcade and pinball stuff - such as C64, Amiga, CD32, GameBoy, NES, SEGA, Dreamcast... and more), current ongoing ideas, projects (always spiced with innovation and technologies) and life with my wonderful family in Sweden.

I wish this site opens up for new connections, possibilities and contacts for the future. Feel free to connect with me (please include a short note with your connection), looking forward to it!

Stay a while, stay forever... /d